HENNGE Cloud Protection Policy Setting − Exchange − Malware scanning

This article describes the values that can be set in [Policies] - [Malware scanning] in the left menu of the HENNGE Cloud Protection administration page.

1. Turn this feature on to detect malware and other harmful content in emails.

Set whether or not to use the malware scanning function.
The default setting is on.

2. Scan files

Set the type of file to be scanned.
Possible options are as below:
・Included only
・All except excluded

Default value is  [All].
If [Included only] is configured, some files are pre-selected in [Included files], but you can specify any types of file to be scanned.

3. Scan inside archive (compressed) files

Set whether compressed files should be scanned or not.
The default setting is "On".
Password-protected compressed files are not supported for malware scanning.

4. Sandbox detonation

Send suspicious files to WithSecure's Security Cloud, which analyzes the file's behavior to determine if the file is safe or harmful.
This is on by default.

5. Action

Specify the action to be taken when malware is detected.
Possible actions are as below:
・Move malicious attachment into quarantine
・Move whole item into quarantine
・Delete malicious attachment
・Delete whole item
・Take no action
Default value is [Move whole item into quarantine].

6. Notify the administrator

Set whether or not to notify the administrator when malware is detected.
It is on by default.
Please set the administrator Email Address in Policy [General] − [Notifications] − [Recipient email addresses].

7. Notify users about detections with the following severities: Medium, High & Critical

Set whether or not to notify users when malware is detected.
This notification will be sent depending on the configuration under [Notifications] - [User notifications based on severity].
The default value is on and the default value for [User notifications based on severity] is [Medium, High & Critical].
In addition, the [Configure notification text] link allows you to edit the notification Email template.

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