Adding an Administrator User


For administrators who perform the initial setup and operational management of HENNGE Cloud Protection.


This section describes how to add an administrator user in HENNGE Cloud Protection. 


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of October 2022 and is revised accordingly without advanced notice.

2. HENNGE Cloud Protection administrator privileges are required to view the actual screen and change settings.

3. For the URL and login information of the HENNGE Cloud Protection management screen, please refer to the login information sent to you at the time of installation.

4. The display UI screen may differ depending on your device's OS, versions, and module.

Detailed Instructions

To add an Administrator User

1.1. Access the following URL for the HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console.

If you want to know how to access the Admin Console, please refer to the following article.

Access HENNGE Cloud Protection Admin Console

1.2. Click on the left side of the screen [ Management -  Collaboration Protection  ] - [ Users ].


1.3. Click [ Add user ].


1.4. Input the email address of the user to be added and click [ Next ].


1.5. Set each access privilege to [ Admin ] to give the administrator privilege to the user, then click [ Next ].

The following permissions can be set.

・Management access
This can access  the management screen and configure (e.g. add users)

・Collaboration Protection access

This can access Collaboration Protection screens (dashboards, cloud services, etc.).

Admin (Administrator): Full access and control over all of the solutions.
Read-Only: Read-only access.
Quarantine_Mgr( Quarantine Manager): This can manage only quarantined items.


1.6. Click [ confirm ].

1.6_Please_click___confirm__.png1.7. The following screen appears, confirm that the email address you added has received the email to log in to the management screen. Click [ OK ] to close the window.


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