OS Update Request for Customers using Android 6.x or below

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This article is for customers using Android OS version 6.x or below.



Thank you for using HENNGE One. We are constantly working to improve performance and provide new features for HENNGE One in order to provide better experiences and services to our customers.

If you are currently using Android 6.x or below (Android 6.x, Android 5.x), please be sure to update your OS so that you can continue to use the latest HENNGE One services in a stable manner.


HENNGE One will no longer support Android 6.x or below (Android 6.x, Android 5.x) from the update in late October 2021. Customers using these Android OS versions may not be able to use the latest features released in the future.
If you have already installed and used HENNGE Secure Browser for Android or HENNGE Lock for Android on a device running Android 6.x or below, you will be able to continue using the apps after October 2021. However, you will not be able to update the apps to the latest version available in the Google Play Store.

For whether or not you can update the OS on your device or OS update procedure, please refer to the support pages of your device manufacturer or cell phone company.


Thank you for your continued cooperation and we hope you will enjoy our services.

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