Policy Setting - SharePoint - Malware scanning

Details / Procedures

This article describes the values set in [Policies] - [SharePoint] - [Malware scanning] in the left menu of the HENNGE Cloud Protection administration page.

1. Malware scanning ON・OFF

Turn this feature on to detect malware and other harmful content on sites.

It is enabled by default.

2. Scan files

Specify which file types to scan for malware and other harmful content.

Values that can be set are as follows:

・Included only
・All except excluded

The default setting is [All].
If you select [Included only], some files are listed in [Included files], and you can also specify any files you prefer.

3. Scan inside archive (compressed) files

Specify if compressed files should be scanned or excluded.

It is enabled by default.

Password-protected compressed files are unsupported for malware scanning.

4. Sandbox detonation

Suspicious files will be transmitted to WithSecure's Security Cloud, and file behavior will be analyzed to determine if the file is secure or unsafe.
It is enabled by default.

5. Action

Specify the action to be performed when malware is detected.

If malware is detected, the system will take the following action:

・Take no action

It is set as [Quarantine] by default.

6. Notification to the Admin

Set whether the user will be notified when the malware is detected.
It is enabled by default.
The admin email address can be set in the policy [General] - [Notifications] - [Recipient email addresses]

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