New Release:[HENNGE Email DLP] [HENNGE Secure Download] January 2022(Download URL in Authentication Code Notification)

We are pleased to announce the update of the HENNGE Email DLP, HENNGE Secure Download service, for January 2022.

In order to enhance security, the [Download URL] displayed in the HENNGE Secure Download Authentication Code Notification is no longer displayed by default.

*If recipients click on the [Download URL] displayed in the Authentication Code Notification, they can skip to manually input the authentication code and the authentication code will be automatically entered to access the download page.

* The "Download URL" is also included in the PDF file sent to recipients.

*If you would like to display the [Download URL] in the Authentication Code Notification, please contact to a HENNGE Customer Success Guide. We will change the settings accordingly.


<Authentication Code Notification>



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