New Release: [HENNGE Email DLP] January 2022 (Adding "Integration Settings" menu to Admin Console)

We are pleased to announce the update of the HENNGE Email DLP, for January 2022.


1. [For Microsoft365 users]
This update has added the new menu "Integration Settings" to the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console.

By clicking on "Authorize" button in this menu, you can configure group synchronization settings from Microsoft 365 to HENNGE Email DLP.
If you would like to start using the group synchronization feature, please configure the settings via the menu and then contact to a HENNGE Customer Success Guide. We will activate the synchronization function.


How to synchronize groups in Microsoft 365 to HENNGE Email DLP


This update has also moved the "Feedback" function to the global header of the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console and User Console.
Please feel free to send us your experiences and opinions about our product. We will use your feedback for our future product development.

<Admin Console>


<User Console>


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