About changes to HENNGE One Terms of Service (15th April, 2022)

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This is an announcement about the changes that will be amended to the HENNGE One Terms of Services on 15th April, 2022.


The Terms of Services (TOS)

HENNGE One サービス規約 
HENNGE One Terms of Service
エンドユーザ向け HENNGE One サービス規約
HENNGE One サービス規約 (第三者利用向け)
HENNGE One for Startups サービス規約
教育機関等向けHENNGE One for Educationサービス規約


The followings are the changes.

・Add description about new feature HENNGE Connect

・Add description about when HENNGE terminates HENNGE Cloud Protection service

・Other minor wording corrections which follow current service providing situation


We have added the changes diff documents as PDF files to this article.

If you have any questions, please free to utilize the contact below.


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