New Release:[HENNGE Email DLP][HENNGE Secure Download] March 2022(Disable Download Links and View Download Logs by Administrators)

We are pleased to announce the update of the HENNGE Email DLP, HENNGE Secure Download for March 2022.


This update enables administrators to disable download links and/or view download logs via HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console regarding emails sent using HENNGE Secure Download.


1. Disable Download Links by Administrators

This functionality enables administrators to disable download URLs via Admin Console, which is useful for delegate (Google Workspace) and shared mailboxes (Microsoft 365) where senders cannot access to User Console as well as when sent users are absent.

Go to HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console > "Search History", and click on "Disable all links" on the target sent email.
Reference) How to search your filtering history





2. View Download Logs and Download Attachment Files by Administrators

On the same screen as 1. above, administrators can view details of download logs including "Email addresses", "IP addresses"and "Download Date" as well as download attachment files.



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