Confirm the operational requirements(HENNGE Connect)


The customer needs to implement the HENNGE connect.


Check the operational requirements of the HENNGE Connect agent and the on-premises services that can be accessed using HENNGE Connect.


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of May 2022 and is revised accordingly without advanced notice.


About HENNGE Connect agent's operational requirements 

・To use the HENNGE Connect at the Web service located in the on-premises server, the HENNGE Connect agent needs to be installed at the server that uses the same network as the Web service on the on-premises server does.

・The recommended hardware requirements for the server on which the HENNGE Connect agent will be installed are as follows.
 ‐ CPU cores: 2 or higher
 ‐ RAM: 4 GB or higher
 ※ The above requirements are minimum and might require more resources depending on the server load.

・The installation of the HENNGE Connect agent requires the server to be Windows Server 2012 or higher versions.

・The user with the Windows Server admin privilege will be used during the HENNGE Connect installation.

・The HENNGE Connect agent should not go through a proxy for communication between the HENNGE Connect agent and the Internet.

About operational requirements for the on-premise service

・HENNGE Connect can only connect the Web Service to the on-premises server.
The Client Application is not in the scope.

・If access to on-premises services is restricted by hostname, it is necessary to add the hostname to access via HENNGE Connect. The additional hostname should correspond to the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the respective public URL.

About HENNGE Connect function-wise operational requirements.

・If the Web proxy or the Web filtering is under usage, then please grant permission for access to the Internet. For more information, please contact our consultant.

・The Web service on the on-premises side can not conduct the Single Sign On with the HENNGE Access Control.
The login must be conducted separately for HENNGE Access Control and the Web service on the on-premises.

・1 HENNGE tenant can connect up to 5 services.

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