New Release:[HENNGE Secure Transfer] May 2022(Adding Admin Changeable Parameters)

We are pleased to announce the update of the HENNGE Secure Transfer service in May 2022.


HENNGE Secure Transfer administrators can now change various configuration parameters via Admin Console.

Please see below for the items that can be changed via HENNGE Secure Transfer Admin Console. Please note that the items marked " * " are the parameters that have newly become changeable via Admin Console.


<Changeable Parameters via Admin Console>

- File Download Link Available Days
- File Available Days  *
- Maximum Downloads per File
- Maximum File Size(MB)
- Maximum Total Size(MB)
- Block Encrypted Sent Files  *
- Block Encrypted Received Files  *
- Block Infected Sent Files  *
- Block Infected Received Files  *
- No Download Password
- Password Policy
- Hide Compose Button(Only for Google Workspace)  *
- Separate Download Password and URL(Only for Google Workspace)  *
- Maximum Upload URL Reuse  *
- Upload URL Available Days  *
- Identity Verification  *
- Identity Verification Cookie Expiration Days
- Default Language For Personal Notification
- Default Subject For Personal Notification


If you would like to change the value of "File Restorable Days" and "Group Authentication"(only for Google Workspace), please contact to a HENNGE One Customer Success Guide.

<How to Change Paramaters via Admin Console>
* Admin privilege is required to change the parameters.

1. Go to "Management" at the left side menu > "Domain Information" at the top menu.__________2022-05-25_13.15.25.png

2. Click on "Domain Settings" at the bottom.

3. Change value of parameters and click on "Save Changes".

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