New Release: [HENNGE Email DLP] June 2022 (Improvement for "Notification for Recipient" Menu)

We are pleased to announce the update of the HENNGE Email DLP service in June 2022.


Regarding recipient notification, there were two setting menus, which are old setting menu "Notification for Recipient" and new setting menu "Define Notification for Recipient" on account of the past HENNGE Email DLP updates.




From this release, the setting menus have been merged into a single menu "Notification for Recipient" and the "Legacy mode" functionality has been added for referencing the old settings.


・Legacy mode : OFF * You can refer to the current settings as well as edit the settings.


・Legacy mode : ON * You can refer to the old settings. Please note that you can not edit the settings.


Please refer to the following article for more details.
What is Legacy mode?


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