New Release : [HENNGE Email DLP] July 2022(UI Improvement for Admin Console and User Console)

We are pleased to announce the update of the HENNGE Email DLP service in July 2022.


This update has improved the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console and User Console user interface. Please refer to the following description for details. Please be assured that there is no change in functionality.


<Admin Console>

The following menu names have changed.


- "Define Address Groups" --> "Address Groups"
- "Define Rule Groups" --> "Rule Groups"
- "Define Filter" --> "Filters"
- "Search History" --> "History"
- "Download Filter History" --> "Download History"
- "Search Suspended Emails" --> "Suspended Emails"
- "Define Encryption Type" --> "Encryption Type"
- "Define Encryption Policies" --> "Encryption Policies"
- "General Settings" --> "General"
- "DKIM Settings" --> "DKIM"




<User Console>
The UI design has changed.






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