HENNGE Directory Sync Tool Update Summary

1. Background

HENNGE Access Control service can synchronize user information and password information from the Windows Active Directory servers at predefined intervals.
With this type of infrastructure setup, existing users can be managed and changed on the local Windows Active Directory without having to manage the users separately on the HENNGE Access Control. User information can be synchronized from the local Windows Active Directory onto the HENNGE Access Control cloud automatically.

In order for Windows Active Directory to synchronize user information and password information with the HENNGE Access Control cloud, we provide a synchronization tool called the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool.
This synchronization tool is required to be installed on the customer's on-premise AD server.

However, this tool is usually used from the beginning of the implementation, and the tool will not be updated automatically.
There are some modules that we use within the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool (ver. 1.x.x) that will not be supported by 2020.

For the above reason, the synchronization tool will need to be installed or updated manually by the end of the 2020 March to the new version (ver. 2.x.x).
If there are no procedures performed for this update, a part of the current users and customers may be affected as a result of this service update.

The update will only affect the part of the customers. The following procedures outline how to check if your Windows Active Directory will be affected by this service update and how to proceed if you are affected by this update. Please perform the procedures before the outlined date above.

2. Affected Customers

For customers that meet all of the following conditions, the update of the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool is required.
Please check if your current conditions met all of the following.

  • Your company is using the HENNGE Access Control service.
  • The user information is synchronized from Windows Active Directory the onto the HENNGE Access Control.
  • The synchronized tool on your Windows Server is still the old version of HENNGE Directory Sync Tool (ver. 1.x.x)

If all of the above conditions are met, please follow the details in this article for reference.
How to check if HENNGE Directory Sync Tool Version Update is Required

3. Required Operations for Server Update

It will be necessary for HENNGE Directory Sync Tool version to be updated from ver. 1.x.x to ver. 2.x.x.
In order to perform the synchronization tool update, the Admin permission is required on the server machine. Server does not have to be restarted after the installation.

For the detailed procedures on the operation, please refer to the article below.
HENNGE Directory Sync Tool Version Update Procedures

4.For Servers that Don't Perform the Required Update

For servers that don't perform the necessary updates accordingly to the update occurring on HENNGE Access Control service, User and Password information will not be able to be synchronized with the HENNGE Access Control Cloud.
Actual results may depend on the customer's usage accordingly, but an example like the one outlined below could be possible.

  • The User Information and Password Information changed on the Active Directory will not be updated to HENNGE Access Control.

Although HENNGE Directory Sync Tool may still work after the deadline below; however, it is not guaranteed that HENNGE Directory Sync Tool will work properly without the update.
Please ensure that you have done the required procedure by the end of the 2020 March.

5. Detailed Technical Information

HENNGE Directory Sync Tool is the synchronization tool usually installed on customer's on-premise windows servers.
In order for the windows server to host such an application, the windows server needs to have certain software packages and requirements that fulfill the runtime environment.
If the runtime environment of the windows server does not fulfill the requirements needed by the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool, the synchronization tool may result in execution error or unusual behaviors.

In the details outlined above, the package module used by HENNGE Directory Sync Tool ver. 1.x.x is nearly at the end of its support.
After the module support expires, many client machines will start to deprecate the module and drop it from the runtime environments. This may result in unexpected behaviors of applications requiring these modules.

As for the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool ver. 2.x.x, the concerned module or package is not used in this updated version.
As a result, we strongly recommend that our customers update the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool to ver. 2.x.x before the deadline.

6. Support Contact

We have opened special support window for issues regarding the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool updates.
Please utilize the following links to contact our support.

Support Form for Customers using Microsoft 365

Support Form for Customers using Google Workspace


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