The Log Duration for different HENNGE One Services

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

How long is the login session duration for each HENNGE One Service?


The Login Session Duration for each service will be described below.
There is a possibility that the login session may be changed due to the service update without prior notice.

Service Name  Item  Duration
 HENNGE Access Control 

Access Log, Batch Registration Log,  Synchronization Log


   Basic Authentication (Legacy Authentication) Access Log
 ※This will not be shown in the Access Control Admin Console.
 We will not provide this log directly unless there is any investigations cases opened.

 1 Month

 HENNGE Secure Browser

 Access Log will be shown in the HENNGE Access Control.
 ※However, we do not log the accessed history of the Secure Browser.


 HENNGE Device Certificate  

 Access Log will be shown in the HENNGE Access Control.



 Search History

 3 Months 

 HENNGE Email Archive

 Operation Log, Archive Search History


   Archived Emails

 Contracted Dates Duration

 HENNGE Secure Transfer

 Access Log, Action Log


   History of "Sent" and "Received" Files.  Restorable Duration(

 HENNGE Cloud Protection

 Detection Log, System Events



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