Changes to HENNGE One Service Agreement

Thank you for using the HENNGE One services.

With the aim of making descriptions and explanations easier to understand, we have updated the HENNGE One Service Agreement, effective May 8, 2020.(*)

(*) In a previous notice, we announced the changes to the terms of service would be effective on March 31, 2020. However, we have decided to postpone the date due to the fact that some customers did not receive notification of the change.

A summary of changes is as follows:

・Improved Readability:
We have brought descriptions and explanations more in line with the actual circumstances surrounding our service-providing style, including our support menu, to make the legal document easier to understand.
Please be assured that the user experience with HENNGE One services shall not change. 

・Added Explanations on Exhibit:
We have added explanations based on some examples regarding common queries from our customers, such as availability coverage and the definition of operating ratio.

・Added Microsoft Edge onto the List of Supported Browsers:
We have added Microsoft Edge to the list of supported browsers that can be used to access to the HENNGE One services.



The revised HENNGE One Service Agreement will be released on May 8 at


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email described below.

You can also download a comparison version between before and after the service agreement revision here.


- For inquiries, please contact us at:
 HENNGE One, Renewal Sales


Thank you.

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