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Our company is using the HENNGE Email DLP service, how do we confirm the Email delivery status and various logs on HENNGE Email DLP?



If you wish to check the Email delivery status of your Email, please visit the article below and look for [Deliver Result] > [More Details] to find the delivery status of that specific Email.
How to search your filtering history

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but the delivery status of notification Emails cannot be checked from the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console.

If you wish to investigate the log, please provide the Customer Success Guide with the following information.

 - The type of notification Email (E.g.: Encryption notification Email for recipient)
 - Delivery Date & Time
 - Sender's Email Address
 - Recipient's Email Address
 - Delivery Email Message ID (If you know this information)


The Notification Email will be delivered in the following format.
If you don't find the email in the inbox, please look for the Email in the Spam or Trash folder.
If the Email appears to be found in the Spam or Trash folder, please move it to the Email inbox and try again.

 ○For Sender(※1)
  件名:(※2)Request for Notification Setting

 ○For Recipients:
  From:sender Email address (The same Email address as that of the attachment file.)
  件名:(※2)Request for Notification Setting

(※1)For notification Emails of senders, please go to the Google Workspace Admin console / Exchange Online Admin Center to check for the log.
 Google Workspace Admin Console:
 Exchange Online Admin Center:

(※2)Please refer to this article for the notification setting Article

If the password notification for encryption is not delivered to all of the users during the first time setup, it may be likely that the notification setting was not configured correctly.
Please send your inquiries to Customer Success Guide.


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