HENNGE One Support Services responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease

We would like to send our condolences to those of you who are struggling, have been directly impacted, or lost loved ones due to the novel coronavirus disease(COVID-19).  We also would like to express our respect for all of healthcare professionals' efforts to examine/treat the patients and contain the spread of the virus as well as those who have been maintaining our living infrastructure.


As of now, HENNGE One Support have been providing our services as usual and also trying to prevent infection through individual and company-wide measures, such as telecommuting, to continue providing our services.


However, there is a possibility that our services may change based on future circumstances. When this situation happens, we will inform you of the changes via email as well as this Help Center. We would appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

In addition, since some requests may take longer than usual depending on future circumstances,  we would appreciate it if you make use of the HENNGE One Help Center or contact us via Request Form rather than telephone calls, in case of a non-emergency situation.


HENNGE One Help Center 

Request Form
※The form can be submitted only by system administrators.


Please also refer to the frequently asked questions below regarding telecommuting at your company.

How to purchase additional HENNGE Device Certificate
--> Please contact Renewal Sales (gpt@hennge.com)
It will take approximately five business days after receipt of an order to make the additional license available.

Is there a limit to install the HENNGE Secure Browser application per user?
--> A user can install the application to multiple PCs and smart devices.

Some issues occur when using "new Outlook" on HENNGE Secure Browser
-->We acknowledge that the "new Outlook" occurs some issues not only on HENNGE Secure Browser but also on other mobile browsers. The issues may be resolved when you change the user interface to PC though the display is difficult to see.

How to update access policy groups in bulk

How to issue a pass-cookie to users who cannot access from office network.

How to ensure that a pass-cookie has successfully been set 

How to disable a pass-cookie on a device where the pass-cookie was issued


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)