How to register for the HENNGE Device Certificate


This is for the customers using HENNGE Device Certificate.


This article will guide you on how to register the HENNGE Device Certificate by the administrator.


Detailed Procedures/ Explanations

1. Account Registration Method 

Access the HDC access control management page, and click on [Certificate Operation] from the left menu.
※Please refer to the [Login information material] on the HENNGE One contract for access constructions.



2. Click [Register]



3. Account Registration Method 

Click [Device Certificate Registration List], and download the .tsv format file for the HENNGE Device Certificate installation. After the downloading, please enter the users' information who uses the HENNGE Device Certificate in the .tsv file.
For more information, please refer to the explanation on below screen.




The term .tsv refers to information that uses the [Tab] character as the separator between items. The IMEI information is displayed with space, but this space should be deleted.


【display information】11␣122236␣432141␣4
【after correction】111222364321414



4. Click [Choose File], and specify the .tsv file that you have created.



5. Click [Submit], register your account. 

After registering for an account, you will receive an email with the information required for Device Certificate installation. This email will be sent to the email address you registered in the .tsv file.


6. The immediate state after uploading the file for the account registration

Initially, a "△" will be displayed immediately after the file for account registration is uploaded.



7. The status of the email sent to the target address

Your status will be changed to [✔︎] after sending an email to the target address.


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