Release Information:HENNGE Secure Transfer July 2020 (Adding action tag for subject line of notification emails)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

We are pleased to announce an update to HENNGE Secure Transfer, which was released in July 2020.


The {action} tag for use in the "Subject" section of notification settings is now available.
By using the {action} tag, you can insert an operated action in a subject line of notification emails.

*Some customers feedbacked that they could not identify the type of notification, such as downloaded, uploaded or shared, as the subject line of all types of notification emails were all the same. we have implemented this new feature based on the customer feedback.


Please follow these steps to insert the {action} tag.
1. Go to "Settings" > "Personal Notifications"
2. Insert  {action} tag in the "Subject" section as shown below.
3. Click on "Save Changes" to save this change.

*You can also setup this tag on the "Domain Notifications" settings for administrator notification.


○Notification Sample 



By using the {action} tag, the "Action" shown in the following table will be inserted based on the "Language of Message" setting.   

 Japanese  English  Chinese (Traditional)  Chinese (Simplified)
 ゲストによるダウンロード  File downloaded by guest  當訪客下載檔案時  当访客下载文件时
 ゲストによるアップロード  File uploaded by guest  當訪客上傳檔案時  当访客上传文件时
 ファイルの共有  File shared within the domain  有檔案被共用在此租戶時  有文件被共享在此租户时
 受信ファイルの削除  File removed by administrator  當管理員移除檔案時  当管理员移除文件时
 ゲストがアップロードしたファイルのダウンロード  Requested file downloaded by user  當使用者下載要求檔案時  当用户下载请求文件时
 送信ファイルの公開停止  Link disabled by user  當使用者停用連結時  当用户停用链接时
 ドメインユーザーによるダウンロード  File downloaded by user  當使用者下載檔案時  当用户下载文件时
 ドメインユーザーによるアップロード  File uploaded by user  當使用者上傳檔案時  当用户上传文件时


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