How to download Filter History on HENNGE Email DLP


* Maximum 2 requests can be executed in parallel.
* Maximum 10 requests can be registered every 24 hours.
* Download link is valid for an hour.
* An approximately 4-month history is available for downloading.
* Timezone will be shown in JST(UTC+0900).
* Filter history cannot be downloaded on the day. Please wait until the next day.
* Required time to complete a job is in proportion to the search period and total number of emails.
   Normally, a job will be completed approximately in a few minutes per 100,000 emails. However, it may take longer when requests are concentrated.
* Output format is CSV with UTF-8.
  Note: If you use Google Drive, you can avoid garbled characters by uploading the file and opening it in a spreadsheet. 
* Filter history of suspending or waiting for approval emails are not exported.
* Delivery result is not exported.
* Email addresses added in BCC by a filtering rule are displayed in blank.
* Subject line may be misaligned if newline codes are included in an original subject.


How to use:

1) Click on "Download Filter History" on the left pane menu of the HENNGE Email DLP Admin Console.
2) Specify a date range and click on "Request Logs".
3) Once the status changes to "Successful!",  you can download your file using "Download link" and "Password".

Output Item

 Column  Details  Remark
 tenant_id  Customer Tenant Domain  
 filtered_time  Filtered Time * Timezone will be shown in JST(UTC+0900).
 rule_group_name  Applied Rule Group Name  
 rule_name  Applied Rule Name  
 action_results  Action Result  send
 has_attachment  Existence of attachment files  Yes
 encryption  AutoEncryption of attachment files

*Regardless of existence of attachment files, "TRUE" will be  outputted if AutoEncryption is enabled on the applied rule.

 subject  Subject  
 sender  Sender address  *Envelope-from address
 recipient  Recipient address  *Envelope-to address
 mail_size  Message size  
 action_time  Time to send / delete the email  
 approver  Approver *For suspended emails, the sender address will be displayed. If the user has never accessed to User Console, "" will be displayed.
 proccessing_results  Processing Results

 send …sent manually
 autosend …sent automatically
 discard …delete manually
 autodiscard …delete automatically(*)

 *Emails left for 10 days without any actions.

 suspention_time  Suspension time of the email(seconds)  
 uuid  UUID  ID for System Management(Not Message-ID)
 mail_id  Email ID  ID for System Management(Not Message-ID)


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