Release Information:[HENNGE Access Control] September 2020(SAML Signing Certificates support SHA-256)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365


We are pleased to announce an update of HENNGE Access Control, which was released in September 2020.


This update supports SHA-256 (SHA-2) for SAML signing certificates (*1) that will be registered at a service provider side when enabling SAML single sign-on integration with HENNGE Access Control.

(*1) Validation certificates for SAML assertion signature 

Please note that how to download a SAML certificate changes in accordance with this update.

[How to Download]
Login to HENNGE Access Control Admin Console and go to "System" > "Connected Services". Click on "View", and then click on "Download" in the "Server Certificate" section.






On the "Configure Service" settings to add a service provider, you can select a type of signing keys for a SAML signing certificate being able to download.

[Signing Key]
・1024-bits: SHA-1
・2048-bits: SHA-256(SHA-2)


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