Pre-release Information:[HENNGE Access Control] October 2020(Renew OTP Setting Screen)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

We are pleased to announce an update planned to release in October 2020.


We are going to renew the UI of the one-time password (OTP) setting screen on HENNGE Access Control User Portal(*).
The step-by-step interactive guides will make the OTP setup process easier to understand. We will update the setting manual once this update is released.

This update only changes the UI of the OTP setting screen to users and no impact on the user's current OTP settings. Please be assured that the current OTP settings will not be deactivated nor disabled.

(*)Users can access to HENNGE Access Control User Portal at:{yourdomain}/otp/


[Before] OTP setting screen
[Selection screen]


[Setting screen]


[After]OTP setting screen
[Selection screen]


[Setting screen]





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