Regarding the contact information for the HENNGE One support desk.


Please tell me the contact information for the HENNGE One support desk.



Upon completion of HENNGE One implementation, we will provide you with contact information from our company representative or your construction vendor, as described in the following document. Thank you for your confirmation.

Please note that we do not publicly disclose the contact point due to handling settings related to security such as access control. Thank you for your understanding.


■ Support Desk Information

Service Start Information (Service Activation Notification)


・HENNGE One OnGoing Starter Set (Operation Starter Set)

Also, we provide information on how to resolve your issues quickly in the following article.

Before contacting us, please be sure to check here as well.

Notes on Inquiry

1 ) Information Required for Inquiries

To clearly identify your environment, please specify the following information when making inquiries.


 Contracting Company Name

 Contract Domain

Registration Number
※ The registration number will be notified to the person in charge at the time of implementation.
If you do not know the registration number, please inquire from the administrator who is registered as the contact person, or please inquire after registering as a contact person.


2) Eligible Contact Persons for Inquiries

Due to handling settings related to security, inquiries are limited to those who can access the HENNGE administrator screen or those who are responsible for HENNGE management.

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