How to migrate HENNGE OTP Generator to HENNGE Lock

Target Audience

For users who are using HENNGE OTP Generator


The following steps will guide you how to migrate your HENNGE OTP Generator data to HENNGE Lock


1. Install HENNGE Lock on the device where HENNGE OTP Generator is currently installed.

2. Launch HENNGE OTP Generator.

3. Tap the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and then tap "Migrate to HENNGE Lock".
  Tap [OK] in the pop-up window.mceclip4.png

(This is the end of procedures on the HENNGE OTP Generator side)

4. launch HENNGE Lock and tap [ Click here to complete the migration from HENNGE OTP].


5. If the message [ Success ] is displayed, the migration is complete.


[If an error occurs...]
1. Close your applications (task kill) and start over from the step 1.
2. Please make sure that your applications and OS version are up-to-date.


Push notifications will not work only by migrating your data. To get push notifications, you need to complete OTP settings on the HENNGE Lock app.  Please complete the settings by scaning a QR code displayed on HENNGE Access Control user portal for the settings.


Please be informed that we are planning to end support for the HENNGE OTP Generator app. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

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