Request to customers who are planning to upgrade, replace, or add Windows Server

Thank you for your continued support of HENNGE One services.

Recently, we have seen an increase in inquiries related to troubles during Windows Server version upgrades, server replacements, and additions.

If you are a target customer planning Windows Server version upgrades, server replacements, or additions,

please notify our support team at least one month before the scheduled work, as the information we provide will vary depending on the current configuration and the changes planned.

After confirmation, we will guide you through the steps and provide any necessary files based on the information you have submitted.

The target customers are as follows:

  • Those using HENNGE Access Control
  • Those performing user synchronization to HENNGE Access Control from Active Directory

Information to be Submitted

  1. config.ini
    * Located directly under C:\Program Files\HDE One Directory Sync\ on the synchronization server

  2. Assign-HDEOnePasswrdSyncGroup.bat
    * By default, located in the C:\HDEOne\ folder on the synchronization server.
    Please change the file extension to .ba_ or similar before sending.

  3. Completed Windows Server Configuration Change Interview Sheet.xlsx
    * Download from the link and fill in the details before submitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it necessary to inquire about Windows Update, patch application, and update tasks for Active Directory domain controller servers and Active Directory management software?

A. If it involves only patch application and management software updates, there is no need to contact us. You can proceed with the work without informing us. However, if a reboot of the Active Directory domain controller server occurs during the work, please check the [Sync Log] in the HENNGE Access Control management screen after the restart to ensure that logs are outputted correctly.

■ Checking Sync Logs
From the HENNGE Access Control management screen, go to [System] → [Sync Logs] and confirm that the sync logs for [Active Directory HENNGE Access Control] are displayed.

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