New Release:[HENNGE Email DLP(New Infrastructure)] January 2021(Improving Error Message for Sending Limits)

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

We are pleased to announce an update on HENNGE Email DLP released in January, 2021.

To keep the systems stable, the HENNGE Email DLP service set limits on incoming emails. In case that a sender violates the limit, Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 will send a bounce email (NDR) to the sender. Though an error message provided by HENNGE Email DLP is included in the bounce email, some customers gave feedback that the error message is not easy to understand the reason why the limit is applied. Following this feedback, this update improves the error messages to make users easier to understand the cause.  

For the new error messages, please check the updated article below.

Email sending limits on HENNGE Email DLP service

Please note that this update only changes the error messages and does not change the limit value itself.

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