New Release : HENNGE Secure Browser for PC(HENNGE Secure Browser Desktop) April 2021

We are pleased to announce an update to HENNGE Secure Browser Desktop released in April 2021.

We have released HENNGE Secure Browser Desktop, which includes a function of displaying a page in another window. This function has been requested by many customers.


Please see below for the details of the change.

- Support for displaying a page in another window

(i.e. This enables users to display a link or email in another window.)

- Application name changes( "HENNGE Secure Browser" → "HENNGE Secure Browser Desktop" )

- Application icon ( Logo ) changes

- UI design changes


For customers using the HENNGE Secure Browser for PC(version 2.0.165 or earlier), please also read through the following article.
Request for updating HENNGE Secure Browser for PC


- You can download the latest version of HENNGE Secure Browser Desktop at HENNGE Official Site.
- For how to install, please refer to the following articles.
  HENNGE Secure Browser Installation (Windows)
  HENNGE Secure Browser Installation (macOS)

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