How to find out why the e-mails are being delayed?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


How to find out why the e-mails are being delayed?


The source of the problem can be located by studying message header. Server path through which the e-mail passed is available since message header contains information for tacking. 

⇒ Refer to “What are the procedures to obtain email in its original form?” 

Message Header Analyzer” provided by Google is a tool being able to interpret the header information appended. It can retrieve path, time elapsed and information such as delivery and transfer (number of server hopped and message delay) in addition to displaying items including message-ID. In case of internal inquiry it is worth using the tool for analysis and interpretation of header just by pressing copy & button. The cause of constant delay in delivery might be located as the tool can detect incorrect settings for simple server clock and routing. 

*It can be used without logging-in though the link for logging-in to Google account is on the upper right.

Please contact our support team by sending use e-mail with the e-mail received for locating the cause of the problem in detail when the delay seems to be occurred in our service.

Entry to status dashboard is our top priority in case the delay occurred in our service failure. 

■ Status dashboard

(For Google Workspace)

(For Microsoft 365) 

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