Why are some of the email texts garbled?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


Why are some of the email texts garbled?


Garbled-message-text failure may occur when the declared character code within the mail is different from the actually described character code.

Our system function displays the message text based on the character code declared within the mail.  Therefore, in the situation as mentioned above, it may cause such a text garbled failure.

  • Gmail Settings
  1. Click on the gear icon on the right top, then, select [settings].
  2. Scroll down till the [outbound mail encoding] section appears.
  3. Select [use Unicode (UTF-8) encode for outbound mail]
  • Outlook Settings
  1. In the [File] menus, click on [option] and open [Outlook Option] dialogue box.
  2. In the left menus, click on [advanced settings]
  3. Turn off the checkbox [auto-select encoding for outbound message] in [character setting option], select [Unicode (UTF-8)] in [preferentially used encoding in outbound message]

Please check the environment settings of the user who created the mail and please confirm this settings together.

If the situation persists even after trying the above process, please contact support team.

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