How can I specify a specific password for encrypted attachments for specific recipient?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


How can I specify a specific password for encrypted attachments for specific recipient? It is to allow these recipients to unlock encrypted attachments in a more convenient manner.


With the feature updated in April 2014, it has become possible to designate an already-defined certain fixed-password.

By selecting [fixed password] in [password type], the usage of the [fixed password] becomes available.

This allows you to encrypt the outgoing mail only destined to a specific customer with a fixed password.

 ■Settings procedure

In the [encryption] -> [encryption type definition] step, Select [fixed password].


○For the password format, the following type of characters are available.

Numerical letters, English lower case letters, English upper case letters, symbols

*Available symbols : `~!@#$%^&*()_+-={}|[]¥:;'<>?,./"
*hyphen [-] cannot be used for the first letter of PW.

○For PW, mail outbound date can be used as an inserted string, and will be replaced automatically as below.

((%YEAR%)) year(2010, 2011, 2012, ・・・)

((%MONTH%) )month(01, 02, 03, ・・・、12)

((%DAY%)) day(01, 02, 03, ・・・、31)

e.g.) If [HENNGE((%MONTH%))((%DAY%))] is setup, it will be replaced like [HENNGE0501]

*regarding the notification mail to the recipient when designating a fixed PW

If [fixed PW] is selected, [the PW notification mail will not be sent to the recipient]

Usually, PW notification mail will be sent to the recipient if you check the [notify the recipient] in the step of [encryption]à[settings]->[encryption notification settings]

However, if it matches the encryption policy for fixed PW settings, the PW notification mail will not be sent even though the above settings is done.,

And, it will not allow you to select [encryption notification message (recipient)] in [encryption type definition]


For the users who have not attend the “filtering lecture session/forum”, settings change service is available at our helpdesk support.

Please inform the helpdesk support of your required setting details.

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