What are the things to take note while using “Delegation” on Google Workspace or “Shared Mailbox” on Microsoft 365?

For Google Workspace.

For Microsoft 365.


What are the things to take note while using "Delegation" of Google Workspace or "Shared Mailbox" on Microsoft 365?


When you use “Delegation” of Google Workspace / “Shared Mailbox” on Microsoft 365, you can send an e-mail as a user differs from user logged in. 

The e-mails sent through those services, in our filtering service, whether the e-mail is sent by a delegating user / a shared mailbox or not is determined.

Therefore, in the case that a currently logged-in user accesses the filtering service, there is a possibility that the e-mail is not displayed on the screen even if the e-mail is matched as temporary retention.

In order to display correctly, you need to log in as a delegating user / a shared mailbox and access to it.

We recommend that you log out currently logged-in user once, or log in with a different browser in advance.


“Delegation” of Google Workspace


“Shared Mailbox” on Microsoft 365



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