ZIP File filename turns into garbled text

for Google Workspace Microsoft 365


The ZIP encrypted attachment file has shown filename in Garbled text.


Garbled text filename can be resulted from many causes. Below are some of the conditions that frequently cause the issue.
Cause 1) Mailer could not recognize the language correctly
 Filename became「=?gb2312?」or「=?gb18030?」or the similar
 Ex)Filename became "=?gb2312?<Original Filename>.txt?="
 【Cause & Countermeasure】
Mailer has mistakenly recognize Japanese filename as Chinese.
You can confirm the with Mailer Support for solution to avoid this issue, or use English character instead.
Cause 2) Filename contains characters that are not included ISO-2022-JP
Filename that contains platform dependent character such as "①②㈱" and "〠" or other special symbolic characters, or languages that contain double-bytes or multi-bytes characters.
**Note: Chinese and Thai language are not supported.
 【Cause & Countermeasure】
Not only our encryption system, but many other systems also have issue in processing the special characters. To avoid the filename turning into garbled text, please use English character instead.
Cause 3) File extraction system issue
Caused by file extraction system or use file extraction method that is not supported by our encryption system.
 【Cause & Countermeasure】
Please use default extraction tool of your OS
Cause 4) Cause by the environment of WebUI that you've downloaded the ZIP file from
When use Japanese filename on Internet Explorer11
 【Cause & Countermeasure】
There is a possibility that Internet Explorer browser is not in a good condition. You can try upgrading the version or use other browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox instead.
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