Assign Access Policy Group to Users (Modern View)


Applicable to HENNGE Access Control administrators.


Assign access policy groups set by administrators to users.


1. The display may vary based on the OS, version, and device of your terminal.

2. HENNGE Access Control administrator privileges are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

3. Please refer to the following article for access methods to the administration screen.
Accessing the HENNGE Access Control Administration Screen
4. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of April 2024 and may be subject to change without notice.

Detailed Explanation / Procedure 

Assignment of access policy groups in HENNGE Access Control's Modern View is done in the HENNGE Access Control management screen under the [Users] - [Access Policy Groups] menu on the left. 

1. Creating an Access Policy Group

1.1. Open the HENNGE Access Control management screen and select [Access Policy Groups] under the [Users] menu.


1.2. Select [+Add].


1.3. Set each item according to your requirements and select [Submit].

Refer to the following for configurable items.

Creating a New Access Policy Group (Modern View)



2. Assignment to Users

2.1. Open the HENNGE Access Control management screen and select [User List] under the [Users] menu.


2.2. If assigning individually to users

2.2.1. Select the target user.


2.2.2. Set the [Access Policy Group] field to one of the created access policy groups and click [Change].


2.2.4. Confirm that the intended access policy group has been assigned.


2.3. Bulk Assignment

Refer to the following.

Bulk Registration / Update / Deletion of Users

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