Copying an Existing Access Policy Group (Modern View)


This article is intended for administrators who perform the initial setup and operational management of HENNGE Access Control.


This article explains how to copy an existing access policy group in HENNGE Access Control and create a new access policy group.


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of October 2023 and may be subject to change without notice.

2. HENNGE Access Control administrator privileges are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

3. Refer to the following article for how to access the admin console:

Accessing HENNGE Access Control admin console

4. The maximum number of characters allowed for input in each setting item is 4096 characters. For details, see the Access Condition Expression article.

Detailed Explanation / Procedure

User registration in the HENNGE Access Control Modern View is performed in the HENNGE Access Control management screen under the left menu [Users] - [Access Policy Groups].
Please note that you need to switch to the Modern View in advance.
Switch to Modern View

How to Copy an Existing Access Policy Group

1. Access the left menu [Users] - [Access Policy Groups] in the HENNGE Access Control management screen.

2. Click on the copy icon for the corresponding access policy group.

3. Set each item as needed in the editing screen of [Copy Access Policy Group] and click [Submit].

For explanations of each item, please refer to the following article:

Creating a New Access Policy Group (Modern View) - Access Policy Group Settings

4. Assign the created access policy group to users.

For the procedure of assigning access policy groups, please refer to the following article:

Assigning Access Policy Groups to Users (Modern View)

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