Information on compliance with Google new email sender policy

(Updated: 12/14/2023)

The Help Center has recently been updated with new email sender guidelines published by Google Inc.
As far as we have been able to ascertain, the main changes are as follows

 ・Google Workspace accounts are excluded from the list of target recipients, and only the number of messages sent to personal Gmail accounts ( or will be counted.

・If email sender domain is same in different emails, they are regarded as same email sender.
 Also, if email sender domain is subdomain of a parent domain, it is regarded as same email sender.

・The threshold has been changed from "5,000 or more" to "close to 5,000 or more" messages.

・The spam rate reported by Postmaster Tools is now less than 0.10%.


In conjunction with the Help Center update, Google has also released an FAQ article on the new guidelines.
We hope you will take a moment to review the questions and answers regarding the new guidelines.

Email sender guidelines FAQ

As mentioned in the above article, Google Workspace accounts are no longer included in the list of recipients.
However, since Google Workspace accounts were originally included, there is possibility that the new standard will be applied to emails to Google Workspace accounts in the future.
Therefore, we ask that each customer continue to consider setting up DKIM and DMARC. If you have any questions about the new guidelines, please contact Google.

Target customers

Customers who are using HENNGE Email DLP.


Google announced their new email sender policy that SPF, DKIM and DMARC settings are required when sending emails more than 5,000 per day to Gmail accounts from 1st February, 2024.

Requirements for sending 5,000 or more messages per day


We recommend that the customers who are using HENNGE Email DLP refer to the following articles and set SPF and DKIM of HENNGE Email DLP in order to prepare the Google new email sender policy.

SPF Record Add

DKIM Configuration


In addition to the above settings, we also suggest that customers consider enabling SPF and DKIM of Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.
※ Please ask Google or Microsoft how to implement SPF and DKIM depending on your email sending server.


DMARC record setting is also required when sending more than 5,000 emails to Gmail accounts according to the Google announcement.

DMARC record setting is not related to HENNGE Email DLP and it is difficult for HENNGE to guide customers how to set it. However, there are articles published by Google and Microsoft how to make a correct DMARC setting of DNS server.
Please refer to the following articles and consider implementing DMARC record on your DNS server.

・Google Workspace:Add your DMARC record

・Microsoft 365:Use DMARC to validate email


Regarding DMARC record, authentication policy (p tag) can be set as none (p=none) based on the Google new email sender policy. However, please decide suitable authentication policy (p tag) reflecting on your company email security policy.

If you have any questions about those articles, please ask Google or Microsoft for the detail.


We continue to gather related information about Google new email sender policy and will update this article if we get new one.



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