Download Procedure for ActiveDirectory Synchronization Tool (Modern View)


This is for customers who perform user synchronization from ActiveDirectory to HENNGE Access Control.


This explains the procedure for downloading HENNGE Directory Sync Tool and Password Filter DLL, which are Active Directory synchronization tools.


1. This article is based on the product's content as of October 2023 and may be subject to change without notice due to future updates.

2. Please refer to the following article for access methods to the administration screen.
Accessing the HENNGE Access Control Administration Screen

Detailed Procedure & Description

To download the synchronization tool, click your username in the upper right of the HENNGE Access Control administration screen.

1. Download HENNGE Directory Sync Tool

Select [ On-Premise App Download ] - [ HENNGE Directory Sync ].


Select [Download].


For detailed installation instructions for the downloaded HENNGE Directory Sync Tool, please check the link below.

Installation of HENNGE Directory Sync Tool

2. Download Password Filter DLL

Select [On-Premise App Download] - [Password Filter DLL Installer].


Select [Download].


For detailed installation instructions for the downloaded Password Filter DLL, please check the link below.

How to install HDEPasswordFilter.dll on Active Directory (WS 2016 onwards)

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