SAML signing certificate renewal steps


This applies to customers who have implemented SAML integration with other services in HENNGE Access Control.


We will guide you through the procedure for updating the SAML signing certificate in HENNGE Access Control and the collaborating services.


1. The content of this article is based on product specifications as of November 2023 and may be subject to change without notice.

2. HENNGE Access Control administrator privileges are required for actual screen verification and configuration changes.

3. Refer to the following article for how to access the admin console:

 Accessing HENNGE Access Control admin console

4. It is necessary to update both in HENNGE Access Control and on the side of the collaborating service for this procedure.

5. Please consider the timing of the procedure in advance, as there will be a temporary interruption of single sign-on from HENNGE Access Control to the collaborating service during the execution of this operation.

6. Once the update is performed, it cannot be undone.

Detailed Procedure

1. Access the HENNGE Access Control administrator screen and click on the target service in "Service Provider Settings."

Screenshot 2023-11-06 1.40.19.png

 2. On the settings screen of the target service, click [Exchange] in [Signing Key].

Screenshot 2023-11-06 1.46.03.png

3. Download "New IdP Metadata" and "New SAML Signing Certificate."

Depending on the collaborating service, certificate and metadata files may be required, or settings may need to be done in URL format. Please check with each service provider for the required format.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 1.48.41.png

4. Upload the metadata or SAML signing certificate obtained in step 3 to the collaborating service provider.

From the completion of this step until the completion of the next step 5, single sign-on from HENNGE Access Control to the collaborating service provider will be disabled.

The upload and update procedures vary depending on the service. Please confirm with each service provider for details.

5. Once the update of the collaborating service's certificate in step 4 is complete, check the checkbox at the bottom of the popup displayed in the HENNGE Access Control admin screen and click the [Confirm] button in the bottom right.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 11.50.05.png

The update process is now complete.

After the update, please confirm that single sign-on to the target service is operating normally.


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