New HENNGE Email Archive (beta) is now available!



We are releasing a major update to the HENNGE Email Archive to greatly improve usability and convenience. The beta version is now launching  in phases. Details of this release follow below.
This Beta version is called “HENNGE Email Archive Modern”.

HENNGE Email Archive Modern (beta) update summary

⭐️ Major improvements in user experience.

⭐️ Supports Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace OIDC.

⭐️ Flexible permissions to meet the policies of your organization.

We have made many updates to this Beta version and will continue to update it frequently.
HENNGE Email Archive Modern update details

Important notes

1. The beta version is on a different platform from our current app so we use new terms to refer to it.

・The current version : HENNGE Email Archive or HENNGE Email Archive Classic
・The beta version: HENNGE Email Archive Modern

2. Not all current product features are not available in the beta version yet.
・Header Download
・Multiple emails download

3. To use the new beta, new user accounts are required.

In the beta version, any user other than the initial administrator should be created manually. Since the beta version has major improvements in user and search policy settings that cannot be synchronized between the beta and the current version, new user accounts must be created to fully reflect these new settings.

4. Operation logs are managed separately. It is not possible to see the Beta’s operation logs from the current version or vise versa.

5. If an allowed IP address is registered in the current version, the same registration applies to the beta version.

6 Current HENNGE Email Archive users can try the beta version for free, but HENNGE may decide to discontinue it before the official release. The beta version is provided according to the HENNGE Early Access Program 利用規約.

How to start using the beta version

1. Administorator can start the initial set up to use the new beta in the current version and activate the account you want to be an administrator. For details on the initial settings, please refer to here.
How to start using the beta version

2. (if necessary) Create other users 
3. (if necessary) Share the URL of the beta version with created users.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback, please feel free to post your comment in our feedback form.

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