New Release: [HENNGE Access Control] April 2024 (Manual Expiration)


This information is intended for customers using HENNGE Device Certificate.


We would like to inform you about the update information on HENNGE Access Control Service released in April 2024.
We have released the "Manual Expiration" for HENNGE Device Certificate.

This feature is developed for the smooth replacement of PCs or mobile devices with installed HENNGE Device Certificate to new devices. It enables the issuance of two HENNGE Device Certificates temporarily with a single license.

In the past, when replacing, we issued HENNGE Device Certificate to both the new and old terminals, which caused the problem of temporarily exceeding the maximum number of device certificate contracts.

By using this feature, you can change any issued HENNGE Device Certificate to the status of "Set As Expiring ," and issue a certificate for the replacement terminal without consuming a license, allowing you to migrate certificates without exceeding the maximum number of contracts.


1. Device certificates changed to the status of "Set As Expiring" will automatically expire 90 days after the change date.

During this 90 days period, the count of device certificates issued for the target device certificate will be 0, so please issue a new certificate for the destination of the old certificate within this period.
Please note that the deadline cannot be extended or shortened, so please plan for the replacement accordingly.
If you want to expire earlier, please expire manually.

2. There is a limit to the number of times the "Manual Expiration" can be used.

The upper limit of the number of times you can use this function in one year (strictly speaking, the past 350 days) is 50% of the number of certificates you have contracted. The sum of the number of device certificates that have used this function in the past year and the number of certificates you have contracted cannot exceed 150% of the number of certificates you have contracted.
For information on the usage status of this function and the number of certificates that can be issued, etc., access the "Certificate Replacement Function Details" screen from the "Usage Status" on the "Certificate List" page and check it.


For detailed operation procedures and feature details, please refer to the following articles.

HENNGE Device Certificate manual expiration procedure for device replacement

Please also refer to the following articles for the operation procedures of administrators and users.

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