Setup instructions of Approval Feature

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365

[Change History]
August 2019  In accordance with the release of the approver exclusion condition, this procedure was changed. Please be assured that the old setting procedure also works in the same way.
September 2019  In accordance with the release of the approver comment feature, additional notes were added in the "1.[First time only/Notification settings]" section. 


These steps will show you how to set up the approval function on the Email DLP service. (New Infrastructure)

Setup Overview

- Notification settings(First time only)
- Create Address Group

- Create Rule Group
- Link the Address Group to Rule Group in filtering settings.


How to Setup

  1. [First time only/Notification settings]
    Specify an email template for your notification. This will be sent to requesters with approval results, such as, sent or discarded.
    - Go to "Notification for Approval" and click on [+Create].


    - A default template will be automatically set, but you can modify it as you like.
    Insert Tags
    ((%OPERATOR%)) …Approver
    ((%OPERATION%)) …Approval result(Sent or Discarded)
    ((%OPERATION-COMMENT%)) …Comment from approver

    ((%HEADER-FROM%)) …Sender email address
    ((%RCPTTO%)) …Recipient email address
    ((%HEADER-SUBJECT%)) …Subject
    ((%HEADER-DATE%)) …Sent date/time
    ((%OPERATED-AT%)) …Approved time 


  2. [Create Address Group] Set both requesters and approvers.
    - Go to "Define Address Groups" and click on [+Create]. Enter both requesters' and approvers' email addresses. 


    - Check a box next to the email address where you want to set as approver and click on [+Create]

  3. [ Create Rule Group ]
    In a rule where you want to set the approve function, select "Request Approval" to the "Action" section.

    In addition, add the following rule condition to exclude the approvers from this filter.
    If you want to include the approvers to this filter, this setting is not required.

    Target: Envelope From
    Predicate: is not approver
    Pattern: The Address Group created in Step 2.


  4. [Define Filter]
    - Go to[Define Filter]and click on [+Create].


    Set each item and click on [+Create]
    Priority: Any

    Sender: Select the address group created in the step 2. above
    Rule Name:Select the Rule group created in the step 3. above


End of Procedure


If you would like us to support filtering settings, please feel free to contact the Customer Success Guide.



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