HENNGE Device Certificate Device Information Gathering


For customers using HENNGE Device Certificate Service.


Collects device information for HENNGE Device Certificate distribution.


The Device Information and procedures to get the information may be different depending on the OS of the device.


The Procedure to get the device information (Device ID) is separated according to the OS of the device.

1. Windows

MAC Address 

2. macOS

MAC Address 

3. Android

MAC Address

※ In addition to registration with GUID, Android 10 devices also support registration with MAC addresses.


※ As of Android 11, registration with GUID is required for devices. For more details, please refer to the release information.

    GUID MAC Address
Android 10
11 ×
12 ×
13 ×

4. iOS



※ If you want to start the device without inserting a SIM card on iOS 12 or later, please refer to the following page.

IMEI authentication on devices with iOS12 or later for HENNGE Device Certificates

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