Google Workspace Authentication Disconnect


For customers who have single sign-on with HENNGE Access Control in Google Workspace.


The administrator disconnects the Google Workspace session and requests the user to re-authenticate.
After performing a single sign-on to HENNGE Access Control, perform this procedure when forcing login to Google Workspace via HENNGE Access Control.


1. The content of this article is based on the product content of March 2019. May be revised without prior notice due to subsequent update or specification change.

2. If necessary, we recommend making an announcement to the user in advance.

Detailed Instructions

You can disconnect Google Workspace authentication by changing the Google Workspace password.

Please refer to the following external links for details.

1. Individual Password Change

Reset a User`s Password

2. Batch Password Change

Add multi-users at once 

※ [Follow the spreadsheet format guidelines] describes how to create a CSV file.


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