I only sent out one email, but why did I receive several notification emails?

for Google Workspace Microsoft 365



I only sent out one email, but the behaviour looks multiple emails were sent out. Why?

For example...

  • Multiple notifications are delivered
  • Notifications are delivered per recipient
  • Multiple emails are displayed in User Console
  • The same password is not generated even though the option "Generate unique password per recipient" is unchecked



When an email is sent to several recipients, HENNGE Email DLP separately analyzes the email per recipient. After that display of User Console and notifications for the email is put together. (This behavior enables the HENNGE Email DLP service set each action, such as suspension and auto-encryption, per recipient.)

In addition, in cases Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace may send single email in separate messages to HENNGE Email DLP,  HENNGE Email DLP analyzes the email per recipient and then our service puts the display of User Console and notifications together in the same way.

The behavior listed in the "Question" section is more likely to occur under high service load, but even under normal status, it may rarely occur due to processing timing or how to send the email. (e.g., a large number of recipients)

Please be assured that even in the case of separate messages, those messages are filtered individually without loosing any messages.

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