Why are files that were previously decompressed included in a ZIP file?

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365



When I unzip the auto-encrypted ZIP file, the folder contains the previously unzipped file. Why did this happen? 


The default settings of the Email DLP service encrypt attachments to the designated ZIP file name "encrypted_files.zip".

In some cases, the default decompression tool of Windows OS may add files that are being decompressed to a folder that was previously decompressed. 
This is because the decompression tool decides an extraction destination folder based on the ZIP file name.
Due to this behavior, it looks like unexpected files are added in the ZIP file.

You can customize the ZIP file name using the following tags to avoid this case.
Please see below for available tags that you can use for the settings.

・Available Tags
 Year: ((%YEAR%))
 Month: ((%MONTH%))
 Day: ((%DAY%))
 Hour: ((%HOUR%))
 Minute: ((%MINUTE%))
 Second: ((%SECOND%))
 Original attachment file name (One name will be used if multiple files are attached): ((%ORIGINAL-NAME%)) 



If you add the following settings on the "Define Encryption Type" > "ZIP File Name" section,
you can add the sent time to your ZIP file name.


Recipient File Name:
encrypted_174623.zip (In cases where an email is sent at 17:46:23)



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