Installation Manual of Root Certificate for HDE One Directory Sync Tool

1. Background

In order for the On-Premise Active Directory server to synchronize user and password information with the HENNGE Access Control cloud service, a Root Certificate is required to be installed into the server. This manual instructs you on the installation of Root Certificate.

2. Precautions

In order for HENNGE Directory Sync Tool to be installed, Admin permissions of the Active Directory server are required.

3. Procedures

For the server that has the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool installed, both [ AddTrust External CA Root ] and  [ Amazon Root CA 1 ] certificates are required to be installed.
Please follow the [ Prerequisite ] manual first, then follow the manual according to the version of the server that the HENNGE Directory Sync Tool is installed.

This server certificate is used very commonly, and there are no issues or security reports related to this certificate.
The server will not require any downtime on the server machine. (There will not be any restart of the server required.)

Prerequisite: Download the Certificate+

Certificate Installation Procedure (Windows Server 2016)+

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