Confirmation of Single-Sign On (SSO) Status between HENNGE Access Control and Google Workspace


For customers that wants to Single-Sign On (SSO) and authenticate Google Workspace with HENNGE Access Control.


To check if the Single-Sign On (SSO) procedure has been successfully performed and Google Workspace is now authenticated with HENNGE Access Control.


This article was last updated on 2019 March, there may be changes made to this article afterwards.


1. Please open you browser and go to the following URL.

2. You will find the Gmail introduction page below.

※ There may be a possibility that this page is skipped, in that case, please carry on.


3. Please confirm that you see the Google Workspace login page.


4. Please enter the user that is in your company domain and has Single-Sign On enabled and go to "Next".


5. Please ensure that your HENNGE Access Control login page is displayed.

※ The login page may be different depending on your environment settings.


6. Please enter the user that has already been registered to HENNGE Access Control and ensure that you find the Google Workspace page.

※ The Google Workspace page may be different depending on your environment settings on Google Workspace.



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