Organize and prepare users on Active Directory


For customers that wish to synchronize User and Password information from Active Directory on to the HENNGE Access Control on the cloud.


After the Mapping of different attributes have been decided from Active Directory (AD) onto the HENNGE Access Control after discussions and decisions have been made, we will check on the status and settings on the AD to make sure that there will not be any errors that occur during synchronization.


If the following conditions have not been met, please modify the settings and configure to make sure that the requirements are met.


1. For the Synchronization Condition (etc. Organization Unit [OU] or Group) includes all of the users that are needed to be synchronized.

2. Do the users from the above have all of the attributes that are needed for synchronization.

When users are created on HENNGE Access Control, there are mandatory attributes that must be present at the moment of user creation: Username, Displayname, Microsoft 365 ID (UPN). Error will occur if users do not have those required attributes.

3. The attribute values are all in small case.

HENNGE Access Control is case sensitive, and the values will be stored in the big case/small case that they are specified.
When SSO service is activated and the user is prompted with the HENNGE Access Control login screen, the username will not be found even if one letter is inputted incorrectly in terms of the big case/small case, so please make sure to have all values stored in small case.

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