About the History Log of Suspended Emails on HENNGE Email DLP

for Google Workspace / for Microsoft 365



There are Emails that have been encrypted but not shown in the History Log of the HENNGE Email DLP. What is the condition for the Email to be shown?



Users will have to log in to the HENNGE Email DLP once for the suspended Email to be displayed in the suspended Emails Log.
If the user has never accessed the HENNGE Email DLP interface, the Email that was encrypted before the first time the user accessed the HENNGE Email DLP interface will not have its encryption log in the interface.

If you are utilizing the suspension or the encryption feature of the HENNGE Email DLP, please be sure to access the HENNGE Email DLP interface after the implementation.


■HENNGE Email DLP Interface
※Please enter your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace password


For how many log data will be loaded, please refer to the following article.
Number of records shown in the Email Encryption of HENNGE Email DLP

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