[HENNGE Email DLP] Changes to the process for removing sending restrictions

Thank you for using HENNGE One.


HENNGE Email DLP has established sending restrictions in order to provide stable service and we would like to inform you that from October 1, 2021, there will be additional conditions to remove restrictions on our process.

(Reference) Email sending limits on HENNGE Email DLP service


Additional conditions to remove sending restrictions


From October 1, 2021, when HENNGE Customer Success Guide receives a request for removing restrictions, we will ask customers for confirmation if the sender has completed to clean up bounced recipients(*). Once confirmed, we will remove the restriction as requested.

In addition, if we detect a situation where a sender violates the restriction which is applied when a sender has repeatedly been restricted within a certain period of time ("Blacklisting">"2.4" in the "Email sending limits on HENNGE Email DLP service" article) more than once, we will be able to remove the restrictions after 24 hours passes from the restricted date/time.

(*) We can provide a bounce list to examine bounced recipients. If you need the list, please contact HENNGE Customer Success Guide.


Please note that there is no change to the conditions that can be removed via Admin Console. Some restrictions can be removed via Admin Console as same as always, therefore please use the function as well.
In this case also, please make sure that the sender has completed to clean up bounced recipients before removing the restrictions.

(Reference) "Restricted Senders" menu on Admin Console


If a lot of emails sent via our service are bounced, email service vendors and RBLs will give the IP addresses used in HENNGE Email DLP a low reputation, which will make us difficult to provide stable services.


Please understand that we are taking these measures to ensure that all customers can stably use the HENNGE Email DLP service. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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