Download files sent by HENNGE Secure Download


Users who receive files sent by HENNGE Secure Download are the target of this article's content. 


Describes how to download files sent by HENNGE Secure Download.


The contents of this article are based on product specifications as of November 2021 and are subject to change without notice.

Detailed description / Procedure


1. Download and open the PDF attached to the email you received.


2. Access the download URL provided in the PDF.


3. If you see [ This site uses cookies and other technologies to collect and/or store information on your computer to make our site work and improve your experience. ] , select [ I Agree ].


4. Confirm your email address and select [ OK ].

Email address verification is only possible with the original recipient email address.


5. You will be redirected to a screen where you can enter your verification code.


6. You will receive a verification code to the email address you have provided.


7. Copy the verification code from the email of step 6 and enter the code on the screen of Step 5.

8. Select [ Verify ].
If you do not want to retain the authentication, uncheck [ Remember this approval for the next two weeks ].


9. From the file download page, select the down arrow or [ Download ].

※ On above Procedure 8, once you have successfully authenticated your email address with [ Remember this approval for the next two weeks ] checked, you will not be asked to re-authenticate for 14 days when downloading files sent by HENNGE Secure Download from the same domain.


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